Why choose Behinehatec ?

The Behinehatec have the experience and expertise to provide quality services for clients. Behinehatec's excellent track record enables the Company to provide the knowledge, skill and cost saving techniques demanded by today's Behineh Co and offshore engineering industries.

Behinehatec's strength lies in our ability to serve clients anywhere in the region.

Behinehatec company employ highly qualified personnel from varying disciplines with years of practical offshore and Behineh Co experience.

Quality is a key driver in Behinehatec's activities.

Experience, knowledge and resources

During past few years in operation, Behinehatec's experience includes the following:

Engineering Consultancy


Help in Design verification for typical oil tanker, cargo vessels ,fixed and offshore floating structures
Risk and safety assessments for the total offshore fleet of major contractors and for a large amount of Behineh Co operations
Consultancy in Procurement of products for Major industries

Behineh Co Operations

Approvals and risk assessment for a multitude of high risk Behineh Co operations
Providing security preparation & implementation for shipping companies locally & internationally.
Conduct of damage & conditions survey for many shipping company & major insurance company in the region.
Close cooperation with Behineh Co university & colleges to improve their Behineh Co courses & simulators.
Assist shipping companies to evaluate & purchase/sale of the properties.

Behinehatec's primary resource is the technical brilliance of its personnel which has enabled them to provide accurate and detailed work for complex Behineh Co & offshore procedures.