Jack - Ups

As an independent consultants on the evaluation of jack-up platforms, Behinatec is able to provide experienced and quality consultancy on all aspects of the design, assessment and operation of jack-ups.

Behinatec with the help of our partners is ideally positioned to perform detailed structural, stability and motion response analyses, evaluate all the major risk and safety case issues, analyze in detail the elevating and holding systems and write or review operating procedures.



Our experience with our partners covers the full range of jack-up designs and associated equipment. High quality consultancy services on the following are available:


  • Stability & motion response analyses
  • General structural analysis
  • Detailed finite element stress analysis including dynamics etc
  • Material properties and behavior
  • Non-linearities in structural analysis due to extreme loadings and geometric tolerances
  • Review of jacking systems including analysis of failures and recommendations for repair and redesign
  • Preparation of technical/engineering studies required for safety case submissions
  • Inspection, analysis and operation of jacking & locking systems


Field Experience

Behinatec with help of his partners has acquired an extensive range of practical experience with jack-ups and is well placed to answer the needs of clients. Personnel undertake general condition surveys , with each survey being tailored to meet the demands of the client. Behinatec also offer advice on towage and towing arrangements and route planning and positioning arrangements and procedures.