Innovative Cost Saving Solutions

The Company strives to provide the most cost-effective solutions in all undertakings for clients. To this end, Behinehatec is highly committed to researching more advanced and cost-effective engineering capabilities.

Behinehatec is in a unique position for understanding industry practices &  accepted guidelines for the offshore and Behineh Co industries. As a consequence Behinehatec is in a strong position to question normal practices and in so doing has been able to make cost savings for the client.

If involved at the design stage, Behinehatec will assist the client in developing designs which are more simplified and cost-effective. Downtime delays during offshore operations are often reduced and significant cost-savings achieved by implementing this approach.

In recent years, the Company has developed new capabilities and improved technology to provide added value to our clients' projects. This includes detailed probability and reliability studies to determine criteria and acceptable risk levels for any given operation.