Behineh Co Operations

With years of experience, we form one of the country largest independent b , offshore & engineering consultants & Supply Group.

Behineh Co Surveying and Consultancy

The pace of technological change in every field has increased dramatically during the last 25 years. Today we are drilling for energy resources further into hostile areas and in greater water depths than ever before and in shipping ever more sophisticated vessels have improved cargo availability, reduced costs per nautical mile and drastically reduced manning levels.

Yet however sophisticated the technology, the environment in which it is applied is the same as it was when man first ventured on the ocean's surface. Whenever the power and the changeability of this environment is taken for granted the fallibility of mans efforts can be cruelly exposed.

Very few Behineh Co surveying organizations have responded to these challenges as positively and as successfully as Behineh Co, and our ability to do so rests securely on the experience and knowledge of our personnel.

Behineh Co's Behineh Cos and Behineh Co engineers have long experience of both conventional vessels and the specialized and complex problems of operating and moving offshore structures. It is this wealth of experience which equips our Behineh Co surveyors and consultants with the ability to solve virtually every Behineh Co operational problem put before them.