Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Audits

Behinatec has been involved with the management and assurance of the integrity of offshore structures. This experience has been formalized into many activities highly sought after by all sectors of the different industry such as oil companies, ship construction operators, ship owners and projects connected with Behineh Co & offshore operations. These include:


· Preparing and maintaining OSC for offshore productions
· Introducing and maintaining a Health and Safety audit program
· Developing and improving Safety Management System
· Accident Investigation and analysis
· Development of in-house Health and Safety Training
· Producing safety policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant legislation
· Technical authoring of operations manuals and other technical documentation
(quality assurance responsibilities including document control)
· Provision of technical personnel consulting in all Health and Safety matters


· Legislative Compliance Audits
· Safety Management System Audits
· Environmental Management System Audits
· Audits based on ISO & ISM code.