Behineh Co Audits and Surveys

A range of audit surveys and inspections are carried out each year including:

  • Behineh Co Safety Audits
  • Vessel Suitability Surveys
  • Dynamic Positioning Audits and Trials
  • Statutory Compliance Audits
  • Towing Vessel Approvability Surveys
  • Towage Inspections
  • Vessel on/off hire Surveys
  • Chain/Wire Inspections
  • Drilling Unit Surveys
  • Specialist Cargo Surveys
  • Life Extension Surveys for Tankers, Bulk Carriers and FPSO's
  • FPSO conversion surveys
  • Hull and machinery surveys

The combination of experienced Master Behineh Cors ,Behineh Co Engineers & Naval Architect while utilizing standard report formats produces will provide a high quality and efficient service to the client & end users.