Turnkey Behineh Co Operations

The group of skills and services available from the Behinehatec Co.Ltd places us in an ideal position to provide a turnkey Behineh Co service to those clients who wish us to execute Behineh Co projects on their behalf. This hands on Behineh Co service is most usually provided in connection with:


Mobile Rig Moving
Towage and Transportation
Selected Construction and Installation Projects

The key service elements typically include the provision of a Behineh Co project manager and his team of engineers, tow masters, rig movers, technical/Behineh Co superintendents and weather forecasters who then pull together a comprehensive plan for the operation including:

Behineh Co Procedures
Load out Towage or Installation Manuals
Supporting Engineering
Weather Routing Plans
Towing Lifting or Ballasting Plans
Cost Time and Resource Schedules
Schedule of Required Consents and Permits
HSE Plans and Procedures

The Behineh Co spread required is specified and procured on behalf of the client at the optimum time and operations are conducted to ensure a safe and successful outcome for the lowest reasonable price.

Behinehatec is regularly involved in the drafting of procedures covering Behineh Co operations as follow.


Behineh Co Operational Procedures
Feasibility Studies
Routing Advice
Installation Procedures
Operations Manuals
Training for the Behineh Co Operations of Self Elevating Units and Semi-submersibles
Risk addessment
Self Assessment procedur