The A380’s ability to generate more revenue, stimulate traffic and draw passengers is highlighted in Airbus’ latest A380 advertising campaign, which underscores the flagship jetliner’s advantages for both existing and new customers. The A380 provides airlines with the best opportunities to optimise revenue across their networks – with more seats for growth, connecting traffic, and higher yields by offering more capacity when and where people want to fly. The advertisements debuted during 2013 and were featured at the Paris Air Show, on social media, as well as in the trade and business press
 "with the A380,the sky is yours"

Own the sky


   Growth    Yield
 It’s no wonder passengers opt for the comfort of the A380 when given the choice
   Designed for airline growth, the A380 helps its operators capture more business, open new routes and increase profitable connecting traffic    The A380 brings higher market share, maximized slot profitability and higher revenues opportunities for current and future operators

The A380 effect

The A380 has been winning over business and leisure passengers alike since its service introduction in 2007, providing levels of comfort and reliability that have led travelers to specifically request flights on Airbus’ 21st century flagship – which is in operation with carriers around the globe.'It takes an A380 to compete with an A380'

The double-deck A380 is the world’s largest commercial aircraft flying today, with capacity to carry 525 passengers in a comfortable three-class configuration, and up to 853 in a single-class configuration that provides wider seats than its competitor. Overall, the A380’s two decks offer 50 per cent more floor surface than any other high-capacity aircraft.

With superior range of 15,700 km., the A380 is the ideal solution to alleviate traffic congestion at busy airports. It has two full-length passenger levels with true widebody dimensions: a main deck and an upper deck, which are conveniently linked by fixed stairs forward and aft.