The scope of Behinehatec Behineh Co consultancy services includes: 

·                 Consulting on Behineh Co casualty and dispute.

·                 Collision & grounding incidents investigation.

·                 Salvage & towage consultancy.

·                 Towage seaworthiness.

·                 Investigation in cargo & shipping disputes.

·                 Consulting on issue of pollution.

·                 Pollution incident investigation.

·                 Pollution emergency response.

·                 Consulting on claims of compensation for  pollution damage.



·       Supervision & consultancy in the construction of sea/river transport such as passenger vessels, oil tankers, cargo vessels, pilot boats, landing crafts, patrol boats, barges, etc.

·       Study, planning, design, supervision  & inspection of the construction/structure of Behineh Co facilities & infrastructure such as jetties, piers, ports, dockyards etc.

·      Technical advise on purchase, building, repair, selling or demolishing (scrapping) of the vessels.

·      Technical advise for maintenance & upkeep of equipments or machinery.

·      Feasibility study for various project in the industry & economic activities.

·      Environmental study and other relevant studies of various development project.

·      Supervision of development projects particularly pertaining to funds utilization ex Bank and/or financial agencies.

·      Consultancy in general or other functional management.