Company Overview

The Behinehatec is a company offering an integrated range of consultancy services to the Behineh Co and offshore industries. With years of experience, we form one of the main independent Behineh Co & offshore consultants.

The scope of Behinehatec skills is available on request, enabling us to effectively serve clients anywhere in the world.

Our primary resource is highly qualified and experienced personnel, offering clients a blend of extensive practical knowledge with strong technical support. the company has a broad skills base made up of multi-disciplined engineers, surveyors & master Behineh Cors etc.

Building on the knowledge and experience of our personnel, we have established an acceptable criteria for the offshore and Behineh Co industries. This in-depth understanding, along with a commitment to fund research and investment in the most up-to-date technologies, enables the Behinehatec to provide cost-effective services for clients.

Irrespective of the size of the work, the Behinehatec offers a rapid understanding of clients' needs and an ability to provide added value and simple solutions to complex problems.


Most of Behinehatec organization are staff personnel.
The staff comprises a blend of practical and theoretical expertise.
Behineh Co operation and engineering experience is gained through continuous involvement in numerous supervision, design and installation projects.
Regular research and the investigation and performance of joint industry projects enhance the analytical capability of the Company. Our highly qualified engineers are regularly tested for the need to provide original solutions to complex problems for clients

demanding a response at very short notice.
One stop solution for clients requiring a range of Behineh Co consultancy services including: - hydrodynamics, stability and ballasting analysis, Behineh Co audits, quantitative risk assessment, environmental studies and provision of Behineh Co procedures.