Cables,Pipelines and Subsea Structures

Behineh Co & associated partner have extensive experience with pipeline and sub sea projects and as a result can offer consultancy, design verification & warranty survey services for pipeline and sub sea projects of all types.


Pipeline Design

Consultancy and verification of the design of pipeline systems can be provided. Topics addressed include basic pipe sizing, pressure rating, pressure drop and materials, routing, laying strategy, bottom stability and burial requirements, coating and cathodic protection, manifolding and riser configurations.



Behineh Co is able to act as consultants to provide services associated with the cable & line installation including Behineh Co spread and equipment evaluation; appraisal of cable & pipe handing/laying procedures; evaluation of logistic Behineh Co procedures; stress analysis/ buckling studies; trenching and burying. In addition, all welding, non-destructive testing, field joint coating, hydrostatic testing and pigging specifications and procedures can be reviewed.

Review and evaluation of procedures and equipment for items such as risers,

bridges and manifolds.


Off Bottom Tow Methods

Behineh Co with the help of his partners have particular knowledge and expertise in the launch, tow and installation of pipeline & cable.

Behineh Co & his partner's in-house structure flow charts have the ability to analyse conventional pipe laying and the off bottom tow method of pipeline bundle installation. This facility has been utilized to analyze both types of pipelines.

Another essential for safe pipe laying is the ability to carry out detailed and accurate mooring analyses.